Youth Development

El Nido makes a difference in Los Angeles.

Offering a variety of programs, both large and small, to enable adolescents in challenging circumstances to cross the bridge to responsible adulthood. Our programs have taught youth concrete skills to advance their educational and career goals and to postpone parenthood until they can truly provide for their families. The Los Angeles Police Department has hailed our model on its effectiveness in preventing subsequent arrests among youth referred.


Compton Youth Development Program

The Compton Youth Development Program (CYDP) addresses the broader issues for males and females at risk of delinquency, gang involvement, school failure, dropout and teen parenting. CYDP offers a counseling component that promotes behavioral health, educational attainment and vocational planning.  CYDP meets the need for positive youth development activities, partnering with foundations, corporations, other non-profits and volunteers to offer a range of appealing, educational and skills-building programs.


Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD)

The Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program (GRYD) is funded through the Office of the Mayor, City of Los Angeles. Program goals are to reduce gang participation by identifying youth (10–15) who are at high risk for joining gangs.  GRYD provides comprehensive assessment, counseling, psychosocial education and case management to address underlying risk factors.  A key strategy is to link youth and families with a broad range of services, engaging them in constructive activities, connecting them with positive social supports and empowering them as agents of change. GRYD serves youth and families living in the Pacoima/Foothill region of the northeast San Fernando Valley.  El Nido’s GRYD program was recognized by the City for its productivity (the largest number of youth served among all prevention projects) and effectiveness.


Probation Deliquency Prevention/Intervention Program

El Nido works closely with L.A. County Probation to individualize intervention for youthful offenders at risk for incarceration. In addition, counselors work with young people (8-17) referred by schools for behavior problems on campus that could lead to criminal behavior in the community. Services range from individual and family counseling to tutoring and career planning. Underlying issues, such as domestic violence or substance abuse at home, are confronted and addressed through appropriate referrals. El Nido staff closely monitors both youth and their families to ensure progress and prevent subsequent arrests. Offered in Pacoima.


Youth Advocacy Program

LAPD and schools refer young people to a structured group counseling series as an alternative to juvenile court processing. Adolescents come to recognize the consequences of anti-social behavior and learn better ways to handle the stresses of school and urban family life. Case managers connect them with services they need, such as tutoring or substance abuse treatment. Simultaneous groups for parents break down denial, teach effective discipline strategies for teens and set the stage for real communication and progress.


Garden to Table Youth Development Program**

Our new Garden to Table Youth Development program in its early stages with the overall goal that will include a biodynamic garden and educational kitchen. The garden and kitchen space will serve as learning laboratories for disadvantaged children, youth and families and launch pads for environmental awareness, academic achievement and health education. At-risk youth will be able to earn “school to career” academic credits with the curriculum covering biology, botany, organic growing, environmental awareness and healthy nutrition.


Youth Development