Child Abuse Prevention & Treatment

There were nearly 181,827 new reports of child abuse and neglect in Los Angeles County in 2012.  Without help, children suffer alone. The effects can last their entire lives, leaving them vulnerable to academic failure, school dropout, criminal behavior and early parenthood. El Nido believes that prevention and the earliest possible intervention can break the cycle of abuse, creating a brighter future for children and families. Each year children, youth and family members realize benefits such as reduced abuse/neglect (subsequent reports of abuse/neglect reported to DCFS in only 5% of our cases), relief from symptoms of trauma among children, and improving family functioning.

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention

Abused, neglected and at-risk children are referred by the Department of Children and Family Services to El Nido for comprehensive services. Some of these children are in foster care; others remain with their families under the supervision of child protective services workers. El Nido’s Master’s-level professionals partner with families to build upon their existing strengths, enhancing family functioning and treating underlying trauma.