44 Vulnerable Youth Make Their Way to College Thanks To El Nido Family Centers

El Nido’s 25th Annual Scholarship Luncheon

A homeless 16 year old girl is one of 44 at-risk high school students from Compton, Pacoima and South LA who received college scholarships and shared their stories about their struggles and adversities to achieve their dream.

Many of these 44 young adults are either a victim of child abuse, parental neglect, or gang violence. Some are teen parents with extra responsibilities. Despite very challenging life circumstances they have maintained excellent grades throughout high school and have never lost sight of their goal to become a college graduate. El Nido Family Centers’ professional staff has guided them all the way while they have dealt with living in a low- income community, facing shootings, police car chases, lack of transportation, parents who do not speak English and who are unable to guide them through the steps of applying to college.

El Nido awarded a record number of scholarships this year, thanks to the generous support of our donors: Payson Wolff family; de Miranda Foundation; Citibank; Stuart Berton; Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation; Robert W. Scrivner family and friends; Margi Guzman and family; El Nido Family Centers Alumni Association; Scott Matula-Beltch and friends; and Southern California Gas Company.  Over $68,000 will be awarded to 44 recipients who are either continuing their education or starting their college studies.

Thank you NBC LA and John Cádiz Klemack for your expert coverage of El Nido’s 2017 scholarship recipients.

Thank you to Telemundo for your wonderful report on our scholars!

El Nido is proud of all our recipients and honored to be able to help them follow their dreams!


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